Mobile APP Smart Hardware Could Platform
D-Controls Plus supports the phone and pad under iOS and Android system.

Expert on intelligent building

D-Controls Plus could be seamlessly connected to KNX smart hardware from Siemens, ABB and Schneider, as well as the smart home system under Zigbee and Modbus protocols. D-Controls provides a complete solution of hardware and software for smart home

Remote control without configuration

Thanks to D-Controls Cloud technique, D-Controls Plus could realize remote control without configuration. The latest communication technology has also highly increased the safety and stability of the smart home system.

Administrator manages all

D-Controls Plus has a new authority management system. Without permission of the administrator, other users can’t log in to the system. The administrator could also check the status of all members or remove the authority of any member.

One APP for multiple home

D-Controls Plus is able to manage and monitor multiple home and offices you have over the world. All information of the “home” will be sent to you in no time.

Custom-made interface

Users are able to set the individual interfaces and colors, e.g. according to the VI of the property developers or hotel management companies. The custom-made configuration could be saved in the cloud server as the default configuration.

Control, beyond imagination

D-Controls Plus, together with D-Controls IC2, could not only control the lighting, electrical curtain, blind, sunshade, central AC, boiler, floor heating and ventilation system; but also manage the house in accordance with the owner’s habits.